Monday, October 05, 2009

A Plea

I know my blogging has been dismal, but I come with a request.

Thanks to the brochure inside a board game advertising Memoir 44, Dr John has been asking me about WWII (and WWI). So far the questions have been along the lines of "How many people were killed" (thanks Wikipedia!), but I'm aware that if the questions move on much more than that I will be completely unable to answer as my 20th century history is non-existant, due to absolutely detesting history at school (thank you Mrs Benns).

So, does anyone have any good recommendation for (primarily, but not exclusively) books on the world wars that would be suitable for a 5 year old? Fiction or non-fiction would suffice.

Thank you.

And I promise, normal blogging will be resumed shortly.


Michelle said... seems to have a good list we bought after visiting the bunker instelf which may be why the book was particularly popular

we done lots of home front/evacuee stuff. Not really holocaust experience. We do more visits though to enrich. this is one of a set of 6 books C loved

Hannah said...

We like the horrible histories ones. Straight to the point and funny with anything gory to keep it light hearted without sugar coating.