Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Interplanetary Travel

Please can someone advise me on how to retrieve Dr John from the planet he is on?
I don't mean this in a flippant way, I am very serious as he is driving me insane.

He doesn't just seem to daydream, he just seems unable to focus on things. Not just educational ones either. Today he sauntered into the kitchen wanting a drink, so got the carton of juice from the fridge and wandered off with it. When I called him back to pour it into a glass, he almost seemed unaware that he had it in his hands!

He has been saying every now and then that he is bored, but I just need to suggest something and he is okay again.

Any thoughts? Is this something that is characteristic of 5 year old boys? Do I have to grin and bear it (I'm trying very hard not to get cross, but it is annoying me somewhat!)?

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Jax said...

Not sure that it's 5 year old boys that are the problem, I have a 9 year old girl who is equally capable of being completely dizzy and the boredom thing and requiring someone to suggest an answer regularly drives me up the wall too.

I read all about these autonomously educated children who just go from project/ interest to the next and educate themselves with facilitation but no duress and I want to scream. I don't appear to have that type of child. Well, I've one, but he has his own challenges.

Commiserations and hugs.