Monday, January 09, 2006

Number One

Well, I guess it had to be done..........

I imagine that posting will be thin on the ground, seeing as I am very flaky with things like this, and my commitment to projects like this is not outstanding.

My motivation behind this (because to be honest, I've never written a diary) is to provide friends and family who we've moved away from, which is most of them (it's nothing personal, honest!), with an update (I won't say regular, as it's unlikely to be) of whats going on in our lives.

This also means that I can use it as an excuse for being so crap at using the phone, so it's for selfish reasons too.

I might even be able to post a few pictures at some point too!

So, what about my day?

Well, M slept until 7.30am which, given the last few nights we've had since he's been ill, is fantastic. I slept really well, and felt pretty refreshed this morning.
I then spent the morning doing the usual houseworky things, and of course, creating this blog.

Realised at 10.45 that there was only one bread roll in the freezer, so quickly stuck some stuff in the breadmaker in the hope that it would be done for lunchtime.

Then M went for his nap, and I settled into the bath, which is a rare event for me. Don't know why I don't do it more often, especially when M is kipping.

I must apologise if this blog starts out rather boring and samey. I expect that in time I will find a style that I feel comfortable writing in, but until then, you'll just have to make do with a rundown of my day!

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Jodipodi said...

Really chuffed to see you started a blog! :)

love and hugs Jodi xxxxx