Thursday, January 12, 2006

Getting the Needle

Well, even though it will completely shock and surprise some of you, I have bought some knitting needles, and some wool and I have started to knit a cushion cover!

As a kid, however hard my mother tried, I just couldn't seem to get the hang of knitting (thought it might be to do with bring left-handed and being taught right-handed). It was far from a relaxing pastime for me, more like a laborious chore!

But today, with the help of the faithful Internet, I managed to cast on and do a few rows before M wanted to play, so as long as I keep it up, new cushions here we come! I have no idea if the number of stitches I cast on will be the right size for the cushion inner (which I haven't bought yet), but I'm sure I'll figure it out.

I've probably bought the wring type of wool for my first project. Its all bobbly, and the bobbles (which are really quite big) keep getting in the way. Still, if I had bought some wool that I wasn't that fussed about, it would've been pointless to even start.

My tension seems to be pretty tight too, but I guess that'll come with practice. I'm am just literally knitting at the moment, no purl or anything else. Still, to complete something will be a huge achievement for me, so best to keep it simple.

Last night we had friends round for Mexican and poker. It was good fun. P managed to clean up, even though he was adamant at the start that he had no clue how to play. Think he was using his French-ness (well, ykwim) as a convincing bluff.
We didn't play for money, which was just as well, as the boys particularly were going a bit crazy with their bets.

Today M is getting his haircut. I've cut it twice before with the clippers, but since its got long, there is no way its going back to the crewcut that I gave him, so I'll be forking out 20CHF to get it done at a childrens hairdresser (who also bizarrely sells shoes). Just hope he sits still for long enough.

M's favourite game at the moment is wandering around with a small tub of pasta, filling any receptacle that he can find. At least its dried pasta! I'm sure I'm going to be finding pasta in all sorts of weird places. I need to think what other things we can do with filling and emptying (hopefully stuff that doesn't make too much mess!)


Ess said...

Hiya Clare, just stumbled across your blog, welcome to the land of blogging! It's soooo addictive! Some pics of you all though please!!!!!! ;-)

Ess. x

Jodipodi said...

Yipppeee a fellow newbie knitter!! :) Come and join mine and Nic's group pleeeease!!!

My boys love playing with dried pasta too (and sucking it ergh!) I found lumps of penne pasta down the side of the sofa just last week... lovely!