Monday, February 21, 2011

Next 10 Books

We're on to our next set of books in the reading challenge.  The last challenge almost wasn't completed, until there was a late surge at the weekend.  Dr John chose, as his prize, 10 nanos which are collectable 'things' that you get from the supermarket every time you spend 20CHF.  I have a 'secret stash' that I distribute at random times (particularly if I need a bribe, lol!) and Dr John chose to have 10 from the stash.  Strange really, as he will get them all anyway, and he could've chosen anything else within reason (I was guessing something from the lego Ninjago range).  Still, saves me money ;-)

So, what have we chosen for the next set?  A good mix I hope.  Some new stories, a couple of classics, a non-fiction and a French book.

T'choupi fait du vélo - Our first attempt at reading a French book.  I'm aware that he won't understand some of the words at first, but I'm using this as the starting point for learning the french sounds.  It may not work.

The Incredible Book Eating Boy - As requested by Dr John.

The Monster Gang - An Usborne Young Reading level 1 book.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit - I always forget that these books are longer than I think.

Freya and Heath are Home Educated - To balance up the American Home Ed book he read last time.

Jack and the Beanstalk - This is the version of the story where Jack collects the goose and the harp etc.

Key Words 5b - We have the whole set of these now, so I am going to try and include at least one in each challenge.

I've Won, No I've Won, No I've Won - A Charlie and Lola book.

Why Do We Eat? - An Usborne Beginners book, a non fiction offering.  Chosen mainly for his current interest in the body.

Chill Out Scooby Doo! - I bought this when we took a short trip back to the UK for my niece's birthday.  Its an interesting inclusion as the English isn't that great in it (a lot of casual language in it, e.g. "Like, shouldn't we be there by now?") but hopefully this will open up some discussions.

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