Friday, December 03, 2010

The 11 Book Challenge

After the success of the 10 book challenge, Dr John has asked to do another one.

So, I chose 4 books and he chose the rest and we discussed the suitability of all of them.  Dr John declared it an 11 book challenge as he couldn't cut it down to 10, which is my kind of dilemma!

So, we now have (with links to be added when I get time):

Usborne Spiders beginners book
The Musicians of Bremen
The Emperor and the Nightingale
Baba Yaga and the Flying Witch
Barn on Fire
The Ugly Duckling
Stories of Magical Animals
See Inside Ancient Rome
The Cuddliest Cuddle in the World
I am Learning All the Time
Commotion in the Ocean

No doubt, as before, the selection will change, but I don't think reading should be that rigid, should it?

1 comment:

Monica said...

These are great lists! What a good mix of subjects! (except the spiders book....eeeew)