Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The 10 Book Challenge

A couple of days ago we went to the English bookshop to get another Jack and Annie (Magic Tree House) book.

He saw a Star Wars Encyclopedia there that he desperately wanted, but didn't have enough money (he gets a certain amount a week) to buy it.
So I agreed that he could earn it.  And so, the 10 Book Challenge.

Chris Evans and I have chosen (with the agreement of Dr John) 10 books that he has to read to either of us.  Once he has done that, we will buy him the Stars Wars book.  We are roughly aiming for the challenge to be complete by Christmas (about 10 weeks away!) but not with loads of pressure.

The 10 books are:
The Runaway Pancake
The Wish Fish
The Little Red Hen
The Scaredy Cat

A nice mix of books I think.  Some easy, some not so.  Reading is something that Dr John doesn't have too many issues with, but I think this will add a bit of spice to things.

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