Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Back to it Monday

A was back at work today. Its been nice having him here for 2 weeks and makes me hanker for our long holidays. This year we had planned to go to Spain and North Africa for a couple of months in about April, but A's contract has been extended again until the end of June, so we'll do Melrose, and spend a week afterwards visiting relatives and then probably 'do' Spain for a month in July, although maybe we'll travel the length of Italy instead.
So really, we have no idea!
Of course all this depends on buying a camper van, and for that we need our swiss driving licences.

In the morning M did about 10 pages of a Wizard Whimstaff maths book. I asked, but he seemed happy to do it, and I didn't push him too much, so it was a pleasant experience. And to think that a few days ago I commented that he didn't seem like a workbook sort of guy!

I read some of his French magazine to him, and then we decided to go into town in the afternoon to get some more French books. I wanted to get the books suggested in the La Jolie Ronde book I have, but turns out that they were all out of stock or unreferenced. Guess I'll be getting them from Amazon then :rolleyes (need to get some emoticons on this blog, but no idea how)
We got 5 books in the end, Sur La Banquise (I am a bit concerned that the colony of penguins live in the north pole), T'choupi fait du vélo, T'choupi au square, Petit Lapin Blanc fait les courses and Je suis Puma Féroce. Should keep us going with the books I found in the charity shop the other day.
France 5 also have a kids section, Debout les Zouzous and Midi les Zouzous, so we watched that this morning. Samsam is a great hit (he's in our magazine too) and having Roary and Peppa Pig helps as he recognises them from UK tv.
We really want to ramp up the French now. It seems strange that M is so reluctant to learn it, as it would mean that he could speak to his friends at atelier, and he hears it every day, but I think that it is because he doesn't really have a choice. My stubborn little boy! (like mother, like son)

The evening was a bit strained, a combination I think of daddy coming home and being tired from our trip to town (we spent 90 minutes in the bookshop; M occupied himself looking at the Tintin books and was most put out when an assistant asked him to sit on the sofa to read it, rather than lying on the floor!). A and M played with a train set that A picked up cheap, but meant that M didn't want to go to bed and it descended into chaos pretty quickly. Thats what happens when you don't read the signs. I tried not to interfere, but I had to have words (with A!).

A bit of Wii fitting for A and I in the evening (loving the Step exercises, A not so much), and then I finished Sims Kingdom. Maybe now I will get to bed in a reasonable time. I should probably practice what I preach........

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