Friday, October 03, 2008

Toy Fair

We are aiming to go to the Toy Fair in Bern this afternoon, meeting up with a family of home edders who we get on really well with, even though their boys are much older than M.
I may be in considerable pain by the end though as a siege tower somehow (god knows how, after all it wouldn't be just left lying on the floor would it?) got embedded in the bottom of my foot and although it isn't a huge cut, I foolishly decided that it didn't needing tending to and have continued walking around barefoot as is my norm and now it feels slightly tender.

Of course, we may not go to the toy fair at all, as I have just received an email from D saying that has been a fire in the hall so maybe it has been closed down. Just getting A on the case (being the German speaker and actually working in the city it occurred - the online news sites here seem to be slower than the newspaper for up to date news).

Oh, looks like its just the model hall which is damaged, but the list of model exhibitors exhibiting is still as long as your arm. Shame in some ways, as the model hall is the place that bores me rigid. Two years ago when we went, A and M spent the longest time in there, so this time I am taking a book! What a terrible person I am.

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