Thursday, September 18, 2008

Photo Day

Yesterday we did a photo day swap. The little boy is the son of someone on a forum I'm a member of.
So I thought I'd post it here too.
We managed to bring home chicken pox with us from our holiday so the first few days back have been spent inside.

In bed with mummy - she was telling me about Billy Bones, Long John Silver and Jim Hawkins!

Jumping on mummy and daddy's bed.

My breakfast - a milk roll and sirop

Helping mummy to empty the dishwasher

Watching Lazytown, the Tweenies and Boo!

I'm doing some playmobil games on my computer. I can't wait until the new pirate game starts.

I was jumping down and also mummy was taking pictures and I loved it.

This is my volcano.

This is my lunch. It is brilliant and cool and fantastic and a bit spicy. It is (falafel) sausages and carrot.

I was dancing with a ball.

We made a pirate ship that I got for my birthday from C with stuff that you cut and stick on with water.

I played a game with mummy. She was princess Clara and I was the bad knight and I had to steal daddy's metal (medal) by spelling mummy and she fell asleep and I stole the metal.

I helped mummy take the shopping out of the bags. We got a big box of apple juice so I can have apple juice and sirop for a drink.

A came through into the living room at 7.45 after making his dinner to find this.........

I guess all that photo posing was too much for him!

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