Monday, March 17, 2008

Today may be some time

It really might.

It started at 6am, which is a habit we seem to be falling into that I am desparately trying to change. I realise that harsh shouty-type words at that time are not the answer, and so this morning (admittedly it was a little later once I'd prised my eyes open and calmed down) I attempt the 'let's sit down and talk this through sensibly' method.
Apparently just switching the bedroom light on and sitting quietly in bed either reading or playing is beyond M, as he 'will get lonely'.
I've changed his bunny clock to 7am, and hopefully A will back me up in enforcing the 'don't come out of your room until bunny wakes up' rule. Unfortunately at that time of the morning he is all for the easy life, so indulges it, but he has the distinct advantage of being able to fall asleep at the drop of a hat (is that the right expression?) whereas with me, once I am woken up find it nigh on impossible to sleep again.

So its 9am and I'm feeling grumpy. I think the best plan of action is action. So I've printed some craft ideas from here that we can do together.
Weather looks like being crappy again, so a trip to the shops for dinner might be the only trip out today.

Wish me luck!


Elizabeth said...

Hello--Just found you on the EY Ring--I think I'm right before your blog.

I can sympathize with the early starts--I've been having mornings like that as well! I can just about handle anything at about 6:45or later. Today was 6:06am!

Em said...

Was just bored and browsing the blog ring and found you! I didn't know you were on here!

You blog as often as I do!

Any chance you could enable rss feeds for your blog? Its in the settings for blogger somewhere. That way I don't have to remember to check it, it nicely plops into my email program.

Em said...

actually scrap that, it is enabled I had just mistyped it.