Thursday, February 08, 2007

Where did that come from?

Sitting watching Aunty Mabel and Pippen with M, and she's looking after a rabbit.

I say that if we had a garden it might be nice to have a rabbit.
M: 'But we would have 2 bunnies, mummy'
Me: 'Maybe if we had a garden'
M: 'But I have a kitchen garden mummy'
Me: 'Really?'
M: 'A bunny and tortoise come to visit in my kitchen garden'

Where the hell does he get this from?


Bec said...

LOL who knows, Reece comes out with strange things at times and makes me wonder if we are on the same wavelength!!

Bobbie said...

I love when they come out with something like that - totally out of left field!!!