Sunday, October 01, 2006

Rain, Rain

Well, I think I've managed to get out of going out in the pouring rain today. We don't need to go out for any particular reason, but A thought it might be nice just to suit up and go splash in a few puddles.
Which it would've been, in the middle of the afternoon, when you can come home and snuggle up on the sofa with warm milk and cookies, but not really that great when the rain has been incessant and its 5.45pm. We're not even ready to go yet, so by the time we get back I'd have to rush around making dinner.

So I may get left here after promising to make a fabulous risotto whilst they are out. I can but hope.

Been so busy lately. Started selling
Usborne books and I'm going to an exhibition next Sunday in Geneva and trying to organise a Christmas fair with a friend as well as doing some home parties too.

Obviously also been having fun with M. On Friday we actually spontaneously made a frog, using glue and stuff (our first time together), after M showed an interest in tadpoles and frogs from seeing one on the CBeebies Come Outside game.

Really feel like we're started to learn things, albeit (I love that word!) in a fun round about way. I'm obviously not trying to push learning, but I feel that he is actually starting to listen a bit to me when I explain stuff. I'm sure the listening thing will last until he's about 4, and then I'll have a struggle making myself heard at least until he leaves home!

Been having a few interesting discussions with friends about school and HE. They all seem to be looking into schools (mainly private ecole enfantine) for their LO's and I am partly feeling smug because I know that we don't have to worry about things like that what with teaching M at home, but also feeling partly left out of the conversation too. Silly really. I know we're doing the right thing, but it feels like this is the first time our decision is being tested iyswim.

Ok, so A has decided not to go out after all, the wimp! Guess I should go and start this risotto....


Barbara said...

Good Luck with Usborne. I tried it but it wasnt for me

Bec said...

It's lovely when they start to take a real interest in the world around them and ask questions isn't it?
Good luck with the books, I love Usborne books.
Bec x

Anonymous said...

Are you home schooling M then? I hadn't realised, but am very interested in how it works - do you get given a set of guidelines and recommended studies from the government? Or is it all totally up to you to decide? The frog making sesh sounded fun - I'm sure I take more pleasure out of crafting silly bits than LJ when we do it though! lol, he just enjoys pulling things apart afterwards to see how they stick together again!

(Piccies of lovely M next time please Clare!)

Anonymous said...

Good luck with Usbourne. They are lovely books.

I have been meaning to get in contact with you but dont know your email. Sonny has a flat head and am I right that Max had the same thing? Could you please email me


Jodipodi said...

Good luck with your books! I love the Usbourne books too :)

I haven't been on your blog for ages partly cos I thought it had broken and then realised your posts were all down the bottom!! lol

I didn't know you were homeschooling Max too and like Sam would love to know more about it!

Love n hugs to you
Jodi xxxxxx

p.s. albeit is such a good word!!