Monday, August 28, 2006

Back in the Bosom of his Family


Worm is safe and sound, back in his ice cream container.

Obviously, I know now not to make any snap judgements of the conduct of my son in the future, assuming that it was he who spirited Worm away to another place (I even contemplated the fact that he may have eaten him!).

No, as soon as A got home from work, and started looking for him, he found him, stuck to the side of the dining table, about 10cm away from where I'd been sitting all afternoon, drinking coffee. It seems as if he'd made a run for it.

I think this must be a first. In all the time I have known A, almost 13 years, he has never once been able to find something that I haven't. I must be losing my touch.

Still, there may be trouble brewing. M refused to hold Worm when he reappeared. I think he maybe trying to punish him for trying to do a runner. Its possible the love affair has ended.

*I am assuming that Worm is male; he could of course be a she. Anyone know how to sex a snail?

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