Saturday, July 01, 2006


......when I'm so diligent about smothering M in suncream, buying a UV suit and hat for him, do I forget to do the same for me (ok, I don't want a UV suit!) even though I know I have the sort of skin that goes red at the first sight of sun?

Of course, today, I convinced myself that because I was sitting in the shade all day I would be fine. Of course, the sensible among you would question why, if I'd even had that thought, didn't I just put the sun cream on anyway? Because I'm daft, thats why!

I wasn't that bad, just a slightly red nose, which really finished the week off nicely in terms of incidents to my nose, after being clonked on the bridge with a digger brandished by M. He didn't mean it, obviously, but it blooming hurt! One of these days I'll manage not to cry when it happens, but then I'm a bit of a wuss, so I won't hold my breath!

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