Monday, July 17, 2006

Too Damn Hot!

It really is.

Last week on the way back from the Morrissey concert, which was fandabbydozy, I got to the train station at half past midnight and the temperature was still 29 degrees. Now thats just silly.

We have spent a lot of time inside doing puzzles and baking and stuff, which seems to defeat the purpose of summer. I think M would be okay, but its me thats the problem. I just melt at any heat, always have done. I think the biggest problem is that there didn't seem to be any proper spring here, you know where the temp is about 20-23, there is a nice fresh breeze and its wonderfully sunny. Nope, just cold and wet to hot and dry. Oh well.

I guess M wasn't really helped by the heat on Wednesday and Thursday as he had a fever, poor thing. Got to 38.9 at one point and we almost went to the doctors, but then when he woke on Friday, it was as if it had never happened. He had all the energy of an almost 2 year old. Of course I was dead on my feet cos I'd been up with him most of the night, but that doesn't matter - "Mummy, play", "Mummy, walk", "Mummy run awell".

Of course, dh is now in bed with the same fever (no other symptoms), so I'm just hoping that if I get it too, its either today or tomorrow, as dh starts his new job on Thursday, so he won't be home to look after me and M.

This new job will be a bit of a change for us. Its only 4 months long, but whereas we were used before to him coming home for lunch and home by 6.30, this new job is in Bern which is an hours train journey away, so he'll probably be leaving at 7am and back at 7pm. I know other families deal with this sort of thing all the time, but I feel like I need to prepare both physically (tidying the house, preparing games etc for M and I to do) and emotionally (I used to have a mini meltdown every day at 5.30, because the day with M just seemed so long).

At least with only a 4 month contract, if its really bad I know it won't last forever, and at the end he should be able to take a month or so off.

I've just been brought lunch, so I need to make the most of it!


Sasha said...

Ruddy Nora, you have been busy Blogging. (I love your blog btw so no negative thoughts about it please Missus!)
Finn fast asleep for the night now but cannot wait to show him the Digs on here! Max is one cute kid. Looks like such a cool dude with his sunglasses on. What a scrummy boy.
Know what you mean about the hours A will work. Justin does similar and by 6.30pm I am done in and counting the minutes to handover!! As you say it is for 4 months and if you know he is going to be late it is not as bad as it seems, if that makes any sense at just know your 'shift' is longer. Hurrah to a month off afterwards.
I would just advise lots of outings to break up the day even if they are quick cos of the heat. Know what you mean about the breeze......none here at all....ugh!!
Sounds like the concert was such a fan! Well was, need to dig out those cds.
Blimey sorry for the waffle.....typical as usual I know what I want to say but just can't say it....sound familiar?!!!!
Big hugs to you and darling M.
Love Sxxxxxxxxxxx

Barbara said...

Sounds like you had a fab time at the concert and hope that the days dont linger too long for you

barbara xxx

Clare said...

OMG this heat is mental! It's boiling even in Norfolk me dear!
Good luck to A with the job and good luck to you too.....that's exactly what happened when Sean started this job, he went from coming home at 5 plus coming home for lunch, to leaving at 7 or earlier and getting home at 7 or later. Big shock! But my kids were older so it was easier. At least you know it's only for a relatively short time. Hope it all goes ok for you all xx
PS I would have swooned at Mozza!! hehe :) Used to have Smiths posters all over my walls!

Nic said...

Good luck with A's new job. We went from 830-530 with lunch together to M being on the other side of the country for a few months!! Like Sasha has said, you will get used to it because you know that you have to do it longer. Now M works till 530 most nights and till 10pm on a tuesday. I thought I would hate it but I actually really like my Tuesday nights, tea is early, kids, bathed and bed then have time to myself.

Sue said...

Well done on the job, mine didn;t last long, 3 days lol!

I know what you mean about being on a contract, at least you can count down the weeks if you decide you don'yt like it, but I;'m sure it'll be fine!

Sue said...

Got cut off in my prime, I meant of your DH doesn't like it! J starts hs job on Monday and I'm guessing his hours will be the same as he has to travel on the M6, so we'll feel sorry for each other!

Sam said...

Glad to hear that M is better and it was just a passing bug. Their energy knows no bounds atm does it! Heat or not, they just want to RUN everywhere! Hope that A's new job goes well. I've had to deal with long hours since J was born. Dh is usually out of the house by 5am and returns anywhere between 6 and 9pm. Ludicrous, but it just has to be done. I try to give LJ long afternoon naps now he's a bit older so he can spend time awake with daddy for a few hours a week. It's hard work when you're exhausted though, I know what you're saying. Hope you're coping with the heat, we've just had a nice break with WIND today! Fabulous!