Friday, June 23, 2006


I have spent the last couple of days trying to explain to M that nee-naws (police, ambulance and fire engines) have blue lights and a siren and other vehicles that have orange lights aren't nee-naws.
I haven't been forcing the issue, just gently saying 'thats not a nee- naw, its a ......'

Of course this morning M brings his fire truck (note I said truck, not engine) that Nanny and Grandad bought him from Sainsburys into the living room, and lo and behold, it has an orange light! Why do I bother?!

After lunch today, we both had some raisins. I picked out the biggest ones to show to him, whereupon he promptly took them off me and ate them! After that though, he looked for big ones in his pot, and did pretty well. He has also begun to put simple sentences together and I could almost see his cogs turning trying to say 'Eat bigger raisins'!

He went off to nursery in the afternoon. I wasn't sure how he would feel about me leaving as he hasn't been for 3 weeks, but as usual, there was no looking back.
A left work early to come on a coffee and icecream date, and then we picked M up from nursery. Apparently he had a bit of a wobble about 30 minutes in, but one of the acceuilantes took him aside and played in the water with him and he was happy as larry. He also had a bit of a set-to with Gabriel, but the same thing happened at playgroup on Thursday, so I think they're going through a bit of a 'checking each other out' phase.
We also (sounds awful, all this stuff!) were told that he pushed a non-walking baby over, but the acceuilante, Veronique, thinks it was because he had been playing with one of those clown things that pops back up if you push it over, and he wanted to see if the baby did it too! Shouldn't laugh, but I'm amazed at how their little minds work!

I did ask if she thought we had a problem, or the beginning of a problem with his behaviour, but she reassured me that it was perfectly normal. I probably knew that anyway, but I guess just needed some reassurance. Of course, its not acceptable, but these are the sort of things M needs to work out for himself, with some guidance from us, obviously.

In the evening we watched the Switzerland-South Korea match. M woke up half way through and so he sat on my lap for a big cuddle until he dropped off again. Its the second night in a row we've done it, the first night because he had a nightmare (we think); he woke up crying and dripping with sweat.

Switzerland won, and are through to the second round. Honestly you'd think that they'd won the whole tournament, the amount of noise they made. There were so many cars out until about 12.30am tooting their horns, people shouting out of their windows. Luckily M didn't wake up though. They play Ukraine next. Wonder what the reaction will be if they win that one........


Ess said...

Hello Missus!! Good to see you posting again! I do worry about Joe's behaviour, but then I see it's not as bad as a lot of children's behaviour so I think he is just a mischevious, boisterous child. You're doing a fab job, Max is a very bright little boy! Some pics next time please!

E. x

Kell said...

yay, youre back!!!!!!!!!!

Dont worry about Max, he sounds perfectly normal to me.

Becky said...

Hi there, not seen you post in ages. Yey to Max eating to big raisens - that boy will go far. Don't worry about his behaviour, Jacob must be the worst behaved child ever (well I'm sure he's not but it feels like it sometimes). Hope to see some more lovely updates from Switzerland soon. xx